Question tags per tutti i tempi verbali

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Question tags per tutti i tempi verbali - Esempi e esercizi sui question tags


In italiano basta aggiungere “vero?”, “non è vero?”, “No?” alla fine della frase. In inglese dovrete concentrarvi sull’ausiliare e imparare le question tags!


Si tratterà di formare frasi interrogativebrevi” (utilizzando gli ausiliari del tempo verbale che volete usare) e aggiungerle alla fine della frase.


Esercitarvi sulle question tag si rivelerà una buona occasione per fare revisione di tutti i tempi verbali! Si possono formare question tag al present simple e present continuous, al past simple e past continuous, al present perfect, al past perfect, to be going to oppure will, oppure con Present and Past modal verbs, ecc.


Question tags esempi:

Al present simple:

It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Helen doesn’t go out much, does she?

Al past simple:

You closed the window, didn’t you?
Al futuro con will: Tracy will be here soon, won’t she?

Come avrete notato, se la frase è affermativa, la question tag sarà negativa:
Jim should pass the exam, shouldn’t he?

Se la frase è negativa, la question tag sarà affermativa:
That isn’t your bike, is it?

Il significato delle question tags dipende dal tono della voce. Se l’intonazione scende passa l’idea che si stia invitando l’interlocutore ad ascoltarci, se l’intonazione sale si tratta di una reale richiesta.

Non perdetevi i nostri video per capire la differenza!


E per creare question tags all’imperativo o con let?

Analizziamo due esempi:

Let’s go for a walk, ….shall we?
Open the window, will you?

The only way to learn this is through practice!

So practice saying these quickly to yourself with a question tag. You might need to practise a few times until you can say them perfectly. This is a speaking exercise, so try to say the sentences before checking the answers. Then repeat reading the sentences aloud until you are confident.


Your name’s Richard, _________________________?

You know how to speak English, _________________________?

You’ve been to Phuket, _________________________?

You can speak French, _________________________?

You’re going to the party tomorrow, _________________________?

You’ll be seeing Andy, _________________________?

You can’t speak Korean, _________________________?

You went to the meeting yesterday, _________________________?

You will call me when you get there, _________________________?

Let’s give it a go, _________________________?

Hurry up, _________________________?

You don’t know his number, _________________________?

You haven’t seen Julia, _________________________?

You didn’t see David when you were there, _________________________?

Let’s make a move, _________________________?

You couldn’t give me a hand, _________________________?

You wouldn’t have a pair of scissors, _________________________?

You’d like to sponsor me for Trailwalker, _________________________?

She’s got a camera, _________________________?

He’ll tell the others, _________________________?

He’s taking the exam, _________________________?

They’ve sent the applications, _________________________?

She picked up her books, _________________________?

You did make sure it was switched off, _________________________?

He does want to come, _________________________?

I suppose she will eventually marry him, _________________________?



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